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Distress Bandanna




For  Your Car, Motorcycle, Home, Outdoor Recreation and Emergency Preparedness Kits


  •  • Uses 3MTM ScotchliteTM Reflective Material Strips to enhance visibility in low light and nighttime conditions.
  • Patent protected corner with durable strap made in North Carolina.
  • Strong strap serves as a life-saving tool increasing multi-function during situations of distress.
  • Neon orange for clear visibility.
  • 100% durable, thick, woven cotton made in South Carolina.
  • Size 27” X 27”
  • 100% U.S.A. Made, 100% U.S.A. Materials

Transportation Safety

Distress Flag for emergencies. Stay in car when using.

Outdoor Enthusiasts

Safety product for hikers, campers, hunters, fishing, bicycling and outdoor recreation with off-road vehicle. Signals to rangers when lost or injured. Hang from tree or lay flat on the ground.

Natural Disasters

For life-saving emergency kits. Flooding is one of the deadliest weather-related hazards. Flooding occurs in all 50 states and is a risk to everyone.

Medical Aid

Signal for help during medical emergencies.

Strong, durable strap serves as a life-saving tool increasing multi-function (stick not included).

100% Made in America

100% U.S.A. Materials


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