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Hornady Custom Lite 7mm-08 120 Grain



Clucks and Bucks Outfitters offers the reduced recoil Hornady Custom Lite 7mm-08 120 grain SST ammunition as part of a robust selection of premium 7mm-08 and other medium and large game hunting cartridges. This is a 20 round box of Hornady 7mm 08 120gr SST Custom Lite ammo that allows shooters of all sizes to reliably control the recoil of an intermediate cartridge while getting substantial performance metrics and legitimate ballistics. From the premium build quality with the high ballistic coefficient to the undisputed moderate recoil profile, this is a well-thought-out and well-developed cartridge. Even with less powder behind the projectile, the 2675 fps velocity, and 1907 ft. lbs. of energy coming at the bore exit are substantial.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer :Hornady
  • Model: Custom Lite
  • Bullet Type: SST
  • Caliber: 7mm-08
  • Grain Weight: 120
  • Units Per Box: 20


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